Table Top Scale ( 15 kg)

Table Top Scale (15kg)

Brand         : Libra

Model       : Super SS 3 S

Capacity : 15 kg x 1 g

Size            : 19 x 23 cm

Unit           : kg, g, lb-oz, viss

(One Year Manufacturing Warranty)


Thank you for using our SUPER - SS serial Single / double side displays product of electronic waterproof weighing/counting scale. New SU are plastic scales and 3S a stainless Steel scale.The scale is manufactrued with advances computer-controlled hi-techniques. It has the characteristics of satisfactory in performance accurater in weighing, convenient for carrying, cheap in price.It is sturdy and durable and widely used in not only retail stores and weighing of ration packing of commodities but also in high humidity surroundings because of it's well waterproof function.



Max. Capa 15kg 30kg
Min. Capa 20e 20e 
Test Divi. 5g 10g
Display Divi .1 2g 5g
Display Divi .2 1g 2g
Max. Tare 100% Max.Capa 100% Max.Capa 
Accuracy III III 
Pan Size  19x 23cm 19x 23cm