Rinstrum R 5000 Indicator

The 5000  is a precision digital indicator using the latest Sigma-Delta A/D converter to ensure extremely fast and accurate weight readings. The setup and calibration are digital, with a non-volatile security store for all setup parameters. There is an NVRAM store to ensure day-to-day operating settings (zero, tare, clock, etc.), are retained when power is removed. There is a built-in clock for datestamping printed outputs. The instrument has four trip points with status display on the front panel. Output drive of these setpoints is provided by the optional setpoint card or combo card. Three optional expansion cards are available for the 5000.

• The first is an Analog Output card giving isolated 0-10V and 4-20mA precision outputs.

• The second is the Setpoint Card that provides four opto-isolated open-collector output drive transistors (one for each setpoint), and four opto-isolated inputs (one for each front key).

• The third is the Combo Card that combines the analog and setpoint functions to provide one opto-isolated input and two opto-isolated open-collector outputs, along with a -10 to 10V or 4 to 20mA analog output. The 5000 provides a number of license options that extend the functionality of the instrument.

• The Communications License option provides two serial outputs. These allow communication with external computers, printers and remote displays. Serial 1 provides both RS-232 and full duplex RS-485 drivers. Serial 2 provides RS-232 transmission only. An optional RS-232 to Current Loop converter is also available which converts the RS-232 output to a passive 20mA current loop transmitter. An additional license option extends the network capability to include the MODBUS ASCII protocol.

• The Setpoint License extends the basic setpointing capabilities to allow complete multiple-product, multiple-feeder batching.



Display  : 6 digit green LEDs, 14.5mm high

Display Resolution :  Up to 100,000 divisions, minimum of 0.15 µV/division

Count-By :  1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 (Entered in Displayed Weight)

Operating Modes  : Single Range, Dual Interval and Dual Range

Zero Cancellation  : + / - 2.0mV/V

Span Adjustment  : 0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V full scale

Stability/Drift Zero: < 0.1uV/°C, Span < 10ppm/°C, Linearity < 20ppm, Noise < 0.05µV p-p

Operating Environment Temperature :  -10 to +50°C, Humidity < 90% non condensing


Setup And Calibration  : Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages

Memory Retention : Full non-volatile operation

Digital Filter  : Averaging from 1 to 200 consecutive readings

Zero Range :  Adjustable from 4% to 100% of full capacity

A/D Converter

Type :  24 bit Sigma

Delta Resolution :  8,388,608 internal counts. A/D Sync

Filter Adjustable : 15 to 60 cycles /second, FIR filter > 80dB

Load Cells

Excitation  : 8 volts for up to 8 x 350 ohm load cells

Load Cell Connection :  6-wire + shield

Serial Comms (Factory License option)

Serial Outputs  : Dual RS-232, plus RS-485

Capabilities   : Automatic transmit, network, or printer drive

Clock  : Battery backed clock and calendar fitted


Case Size  : 150mm wide x 72mm high x 100mm deep

Panel Cutout :  DIN 43 700 - 137(+1)mm wide x 68(+1)mm high

Power Supply Options

DC   :12-15 volts DC 0.7A (Not for Trade Use)

DC :12/24VDC 10VA

AC  :86 - 260VAC 48 - 62 Hz 8VA


Analog Option Card  : 0-10 volts and 4-20mA opto isolated (10,000 count)

Setpoint Option Card :  4 x isolated 50volt, 500mA open collector transistor drives and 4 x isolated digital inputs (5V to 28V).

Combo Option Card : -10 to10 V or 4-20mA opto isolated analogue output, two outputs and one input as per the Setpoint option card.

No. of Option Slotsn : One


  • Approved to OIML 6000 divisions, CE and C-Tick approved.
  • Five point linearity correction Adjustable anti-vibration filter
  • Extended setpoint batching operation (requires setpoint accessory card or combo card, and License)
  • Modbus protocol support (license option)