Bench Scale (YZ909 -100kg)

Bench Scale

Brand       : RUBY

Model       : YZ 909

Capacity : 100 x 0.01kg

                     : 61.24 x 0.01kg

Size            : 300 x 400mm 

( One Year Manufacturing Warranty)


The TCS Series Electronic Platform Scale is Low Cost Highly accurate measuring equipment most sultable for Super markets, , Greocery Stores adn other retail outlets.

This scale is made using Highly accrurate and pricise sensors. It has a capacity fo store up to 8  unit prices adn 99 accumulation memory . It is a versatile machine;  because it also runs on rechargeable battery in case of lack of mains power.

The scale will also automatically switched off when it is in non-use condition; in order to save power.


  • Specifications : 60kg/20g, 150kg/50g, 300kg/100g
  • Precision : 1/3000F.S
  • AC 220 V/110 V and Built-in Rechargeable battery
  • Storage up to 8 unit pnces.
  • Accumulate operation (0-99)
  • Account Function, do memory recall , give change and memory clear one time
  • Auto shut off function  to save power.
  • Display windows : Weight Window: 5 dighit,  Unit Price Window : 5 digits, Total Price Window: 6 digits.